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Staff DotNet

Custom Software Development and Staff Augmentation for the Microsoft .NET Platform and related technologies.


Software Development for Mobile Devices and Social Networks.

Light Side Studio

Custom Development and Staff Augmentation for Open Source related technologies like LAMP, Ruby On Rails, Java Script among others.

We do what we love

We started living this adventure 10 years ago and it is just getting better.

At the beginning it was Staff DotNet

We started this journey on June, 2006 when we noticed that our knowledge and expertise working with Microsoft .NET Technologies happened to be very useful for our first happy fellows. We worked very closely with our friends at the Microsoft Central America and the Caribbean office in order to help their customers and partners to make out the most from the Microsoft .NET technology.

Then everything became social

In 2010 we noticed how Social Networks had become the new standard mechanism not only to communicate with other people but to do marketing. So, we jumped in helping our fellows to create very engaging experiences running at Social Networks. Then our fellows asked us, "Hey guys, can you translate these experiences to the mobile world". And so is what we have been doing since then. Objective-C and Swift at XCode, Java at Android Studio and C# at Xamarin are part of our Batbelt.

Then Microsoft Redmond hired us

Our mystic and dedication to the projects we worked along the fellows at the Microsoft Central American and Caribbean office in Costa Rica, called the attention at the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond and so, we helped them to create the first version of the Open Xml Power Tools. Our knowledge and expertise on Open Xml was also very well appreciated by our fellows at Open Link Financial, a software development company located in NY, leaders at the Energy and Financial Software Sectors.

And then we met the Skywalkers

Some day some fellows came to us saying... "If you are that good doing software for the Microsoft .NET Platform, we are pretty sure you can do the same with Open Source technologies". So, we took out our helmets, put on our robes and started helping our Open Source lovers fellows too.

There are some of us who are still using helmets by the way.

ipad image

Happy Fellows

All of this time and no clients! But happy fellows! Many of them! Join the club!

Microsoft Redmond

Doing a great job for the Microsoft Central and Caribbean office promoted us to work with the fellows at Microsoft Redmond, creating the first version of the Open Xml Power Tools

Open Link Financials

We were referred to the fellows at Open Link Financials in NY by our friends at Microsoft Redmond. They wanted to create a Report Designer based on Open Xml and that's what we did. We are very proud that the Endur DMS module is now part of Open Link's offering.


We have worked with our fellows at Cisco Latam (along with our partners Rosson & Ortelli in Argentina) helping them to create software experiences for marketing campaigns in Facebook. We also created the Internet of Everything Map Mobile App for our fellows in Cisco Germany.

Some Words


We highly recommend working with Softcial. We were looking to develop a custom software application for Facebook and from the very beginning the Softcial team adapted to our requirements, fully committed to what we were looking for. They are very responsible and hardworking. They not only perform development services, they are also very creative people, frequently suggesting very good ideas in order to make the project even more successful

Guillermo Ortelli, Creative Director

Rosson & Ortelli, Argentina

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